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Winds of Adriatic sea

Bura - a cold Adriatic wind

As a cold wind, Bura vertically inclines the slopes of the coastal mountains and moving towards the sea. It produces dust clouds that decrease visibility. Bura is declared by a “cap” of clouds that appear and therefore could be very severe and unexpected.

Jugo - warm Adriatic wind

Jugo is a south-easterly wind. It blows across the Adriatic when a cyclone develops over the Adriatic area. It carries clouds and rain. The air pressure drops.


Mistral is a “benevolent”, a friendly wind looked forward by especially sailors and all those who enjoy the summer season under its breeze. Mistral is a daily wind blowing from the northwest and created by the differences in temperature between the mainland and sea.


Tramuntana is a classical name for a northern wind- a wind that blows (comes) across the mountains. It is a cold wind of moderate strength that usually forms in clear weather. Its appearance announces nice weather.


The Levanter refers to an easterly wind. It is often a moderate wind, carrying clouds, dampness and rain.


Ostro is a common name for a southerly wind. It is defined as a warm and humid wind that usually does not last long, but it might become reach significant strength.


Libeccio is a south-westerly Adriatic wind described both as lebic and garbin. It is usually a dry and warm wind. It usually does not last long, but it might give violent squalls. It is particularly hazardous because of wave “crossing” and rising of the sea surface in shallow harbors that are open to the south-west.