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Q: Can the boats sail out of teritorial waters of Montenegro and if so what is the procedure?

A: All our boats have permits for Greece, Italy and Albania. Clients have to pass standard passport controls and there are no additional fees. For Croatia this is no longer possible since 2017 because of internal croatian regulation.

Q: What is transit log? What other additional cost we have to pay?

A: A transit log is the amount that must be paid at base and covers the expense of the navigating permit, light dues and other port taxes.

Q: Does MCC do provisioning?

A: Yes, according to the provision list provided by the company, the order should be made a minimum of 2 days before embarkment and paid at base as part of check-in.

Q: What about the skipper?

A: We have our own skippers, however we also offer a bareboat charter.