Montenegro Charter

Take a well deserved Mediterranean break and breathe life to the fullest. Explore once, return anytime.

We’re passionate about luxury and we let our passion show through our work! Our team has extensive, decade-long experience in the yachting industry. We’ve worked with the most prestigious yacht brands in the world and we’ve catered to the most exclusive clients.

We know our clients deserve the best experience imaginable and we go above and beyond to provide that. Everyone is unique in their own way and this is how we approach our clients. End results - one-of-a-kind experiences, catered to our clients’ needs!

Whether you’re looking to rent a yacht, buy a yacht or plan an event surrounded by splendor, we will make sure we create a seamless and memorable yachting experience.

Meet our CEO

Meet Sanja Božović, CEO and the inspiring mind behind our private jet and  yacht charter company. She's all about bringing value to our clients by solving problems and serving needs. Slightly perfectionist, Sanja is laser-focused on making sure every trip we plan is flawless and tailored to our clients' wishes.

Starting out in her family's nautical business sparked a deep love for the sea. After finishing her studies in Italy and spending ten years living abroad, she came back to Montenegro with a clear goal to build her career in the maritime field. Since then, she has been diligently establishing her reputation in yachting and private aviation, steadily gaining recognition for her expertise and dedication. She's grateful for her role in the industry and loves nothing more than helping clients find their dream boat or jet, ensuring their experience is  truly satisfying.

Recently, Sanja became the representative for Sanlorenzo luxury yachts in ten countries, which says a lot about her expertise and style. With Sanja at the helm, you know you're getting sophistication, innovation, and top-notch service every time you rent or buy a yacht under her guidance. Her compass is always pointing towards customer happiness.

Sanja Bozovic

Montenegro Charter, CEO

Sanja Bozović - Moternegro Charter CEO

Meet Our Operations Manager

Meet Iva Erceg, our operations manager and multitasking champion. Born and raised at sea, her childhood spent on boats instilled in her a deep love for maritime life.

Now, she brings her expertise and passion to her role at our yacht charter company, where she crafts unforgettable experiences for clients eager to explore the open waters.

With her extensive background in hospitality and her lifelong connection to the sea, Iva is the one who knows all the answers to any yacht related questions.

Iva Erceg

Montenegro Charter, Operations Manager

Sanja Bozović - Moternegro Charter CEO

Meet Our Social Media Manager

Our social media manager, Milica Barović,  switched gears from drafting legal documents no one wants to read to writing  content everyone seems to love (and like!). Always online, she navigates the uncharted waters of social media with ease and expertise.

When she's not the captain of captivating content, you'll find her soaking up the sun and sea breeze, living her passion both on and off the screen.

Milica Barović

Montenegro Charter, Social Media Manager

Sanja Bozović - Moternegro Charter CEO