Frequently asked questions

Procedure for sailing out of territorial waters of Montenegro

All our boats have permits for sailing in Greece, Italy and Albania. Clients have to pass standard passport controls and there are no additional fees. Starting from 2017, it is no longer possible to sail in Croatia because of changes in their internal regulation.

What is a transit log?

A transit log is the amount that must be paid at base and covers the expenses of the navigating permit, light dues and other port taxes.

Does MCC do provisioning?

Yes, according to the provision list provided by the company. The order should be made minimum 2 days before embarking and paid at base as part of check-in fees.

What about the skipper?

We have our own skippers, however we also offer a bareboat charter.

Our services

  • Weekly yacht charter of sailing boats, motor yachts and catamarans
  • Daily charter of motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans
  • Helicopter tours
  • Team building events for the companies
  • Events organized on the boats (wedding, birthday, bachelor/ette party, sailing day, etc.)
  • Private jet charter
  • Sailing school for English and Montenegrin speakers
  • Boat sales (buyer agent)
  • Customized holidays combining land, sea and air
  • Car VIP transfers
  • Service for yacht owners: registration of the boat, insurance, etc.

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