Frequently asked questions

The prime months for indulging in the maritime experience are typically June, July, and August. However, we also suggest considering the tail end of May and the onset of September, when the sea conditions are ideal for swimming and water activities, and the weather remains pleasantly warm. These timeframes are perfect for a Mediterranean cruise. During the winter months, we can organize yacht charters to other destinations that are cruise-friendly during this season, such as the Bahamas and the Maldives, for example.

Yachts are available for charter for a standard duration of seven days during the bustling summer season, typically from Saturday to Saturday. Alternatively, you have the option for daily charters, spanning eight hours each. During off-peak seasons, we can accommodate various rental durations to suit your needs.

The rental price covers the essential amenities such as bedding, towels, and kitchenware. However, expenses such as tourist taxes, provisions, cleaning fees, marina charges, fuel, and crew services are not included and are payable separately.

For larger yachts, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) of 30-35% is typically added. The APA serves as an advance payment to cover various costs associated with the charter, including yacht preparation, supplies, port fees, fuel, crew gratuities, and other expenses. The amount of APA may vary depending on the specific requests of the guests, such as itinerary, food, and beverages.

If the APA is not fully utilized by the end of the cruise, any remaining funds are refunded to the charterer. However, if expenses exceed the APA, guests may be required to cover the additional costs.

 Yes, bareboat charters are possible, but not for every boat.  Typically, sailing boats and catamarans of a certain size can be operated independently, while larger yachts often come with a dedicated crew of two. 

To embark on a skipper-free voyage, you must hold a valid International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for boat handling or a local certificate of boat operator proficiency. Not for every boat. Usually it is possible for sailing boats and catamaran certain size while bigger yachts come with crew of 2 or more 

The majority of the Adriatic Sea is covered by mobile phone networks, extending to coastal regions where mobile internet signals are also accessible. It's also possible to purchase internet for smaller vessels, while larger ones generally come with their own internet network.

Secure parking facilities are available in most marinas, subject to an additional fee.

Yes, the skipper maintains a continuous presence on the yacht throughout the charter. As the charterer, you are responsible for providing meals for the skipper, whether on board or at the restaurants. It's important to note that the skipper's accommodation and sustenance should be considered in your booking arrangements.

Yes, bringing your baby on a yacht can be a wonderful idea. With careful precautionary measures in place to ensure safety and comfort, yachting can provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

While not mandatory, procuring travel insurance is strongly recommended. All vessels within our fleet are comprehensively insured, inclusive of the onboard crew.

Our predefined routes are designed to visit as many attractions as possible and make the most of your rental time. However , you retain the autonomy to collaborate with the skipper and tailor your itinerary based on mutual preferences and prevailing weather conditions. We’ll always go an extra mile to meet your needs and fulfill your wishes.

No, unfortunately, this option is no longer viable. We will announce if the situation changes.

We dedicate a significant portion of our time to find competitive prices and make it possible for you to explore popular yachting destinations worldwide. We take pride in our loyal 'repeat clients' who return each year, simply switching up their destination, from Montenegro to the Bahamas. 

 Our clients trust us to provide the best options and exceptional choices; their favorite destinations are Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, France, Maldives and Bahamas.