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Sailing area:


How to pack for sailing

Sailing is one of the most relaxing type of holidays you can go on. No checking in and out of hotels, catching a taxi wherever you want to go out. One of the most crucial things to bring is a swimming suit. The best thing about going on sailing holidays is that you don't really need to change out of your swimwear but why not look fancy while you are at it.


Winds of Adriatic sea

Bura – a cold Adriatic wind, Jugo – warm Adriatic wind, Mistral, Tramuntana - northern wind, Levanter - easterly wind, Ostro - southerly wind, Libeccio - south-westerly Adriatic wind


Tips for first sailors

It is recommended that you dress warmly and appropriately. Make sure that you have all necessary equipment with you. Check out our blog what to pack when going on sailing holidays...


Sailing with pets

Our most frequent visitor on our boats is a dog Boston Terrier named Zak! He is absolutely adorable! Pets are like family, you want to bring them with you on your holiday! Well, Montenegro is a pet friendly country but you must have the Pet Passport in order to enter the country.