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Montenegro Charter is based in Porto Montenegro, which is in close proximity to four international airports: Tivat (4km), Podgorica (88km), Dubrovnik (49km) and Tirana (187km).

There are many airline companies which connect Montenegro with other countries in Europe. The following list is a non-exhaustive example of some of the airlines that fly directly to the region:

  1. Montenegro Airlines (our national company) -
  2. Croatia Airlines -
  3. Adria Airways -
  4. Austrian Airways -
  5. Lufthansa -
  6. Bussels Airlines -
  7. TUI -
  8. Ryan Air -
  9. Easyjet -
  10. Wizz Air -
  11. Vueling -

Alternatively, you can check all available airlines and flights to and from your destination via or

Since Dubrovnik Airport provides the biggest variety of flights, we often recommend this airport to our clients.

We organize transfers from airports Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik to our base in Porto Montenegro and back at the following rates:

To reserve your airport transfer, please contact Montenegro Charter via e-mail: or by calling +382 67 201 655.

Airport transfers

Distance 4 passengers 8 passengers
Dubrovnik to Kotor  110€  160€
Dubrovnik to Budva  125€  170€
Dubrovnik to Tivat  110€  160€
Podgorica to Kotor  100€  140€
Podgorica to Tivat  80€  100€
Podgorica to Budva  70€  90€
Tivat to Budva  40€  60€
Tivat to Kotor  30€  50€

To reserve your airport transfer, please contact Montenegro Charter at or call us on +382 67 201655

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